APM166NDB - Neodymium Dynamic Microphone (Black) with 20 ft. Hi-Z Cable
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The Audio2000'S® APM166ND microphone is a versatile professional dynamic microphone of exceptionally high quality.  A super efficient magnetic circuit design utilizing a neodymium magnet element provides maximum output level for an improved signal-to-noise ratio for all vocal and sound reinforcement applications.

Incorporated with an extremely light weight diaphragm, the low impedance capsule inheres excellent transient responses and a wide frequency range with the results of a transparent presentation of sound amplification.

The APM166ND's frequency response is optimized for vocal application by controlling proximity effect through its low-frequency rolloff.  The APM166ND's extended frequency response provides a clarity normally found only in condenser microphones.

Throughout the APM166ND's full frequency range, the cardioid pattern of the APM166ND stays uniform and symmetrical to significantly cut off any feedback and off-axis coloration.  Advanced design in the shock-mounted microphone element and delicately finished surface keep handling noise extremely low.

The extraordinary features of sound clarity and transparency, high output, extremely low handling noise, uniform cardioid pickup pattern, and delicately designed and finished surface make the APM166ND microphone an outstanding value in any critical vocal application.

Features Configured To Be User Friendly

  • APM166ND comprises a low impedance element with extremely light weight diaphragm for excellent transient response and a wide frequency range with exceptional detail and clarity.

  • APM166ND contains a neodymium magnet element precisely constructed in a housing having wide dynamic range for smoothly reproducing a clear and uncolored sound.

  • With low-frequency rolloff and extended high-frequency response, the APM166ND captures the original vocal sound with extraordinary clarity.

  • Tight cardioid pattern stays uniform and symmetrical throughout the APM166ND's entire frequency range to minimize feedback.

  • Advanced shockmount and microphone element design effectively minimize handling and stand noise.

  • Rugged and durable nickel finished zinc casing.

  • A rugged dent-resistant steel mesh grille provides extended life and durability.


The standard APM166ND package includes an APM166ND microphone and a 20' microphone cable in a cardboard box. The microphone cable can be a low impedance balanced cable (XLRF-XLRM) or an XLR - 1/4" cable.


Musician / lead singers; disc jockey (DJ); karaoke jockey (KJ); church; school; conference room; karaoke; home entertainment



Dynamic (Neodymium Magnet)

Polar Pattern



2.0mV/Pa @1KHz (-74 +/- 3dB; 0dB = 1V/0.1Pa)

Output Impedance

600 Ohms

Frequency Response

50 - 16,000 Hz

Max.Input Level

>130 dB (SPL)


10.1oz. / 283g

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